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The rising trend of enterprise mobility opens new opportunities in various industries and realizing the business benefits of mobility, various industry verticals have started mobile-enabling apps specific to their business needs. Zen Interactive pursues this opportunity and developed enterprise mobility applications and solutions for specific industry verticals. We deliver accelerated business value through unique mobility solutions and our responsive and unique mobility offerings help achieve reduced costs, improved brand value and increased revenue through better customer retention and productivity, new revenue channels and new service offerings. Our core mobility service offerings spans from full lifecycle of what is required to take a mobile solution from Concept-to-Market in a fast-track mode.


IT enterprises are increasingly showing inclination to embrace mobility from process enhancements, to improve employee productivity, customer experience and various other applications. Considering the numerous business benefits mobility offers, enterprise mobility is undoubtedly emerging as one of the top IT priorities and key investment areas for companies globally.

As companies look for converged mobility solutions; we are focused on developing offerings and integrated solutions to support this need and key business transformations. The unique features of these solutions enhance customer, employee and enterprise value through our core offerings in enterprise mobility: By focusing on enablement of mobility capabilities of various processes, we deliver solutions around:

  1. Employee access to IT infrastructure
  2. Field Staff Enablement from global locations
  3. Critical process alerts to process owners

Following products are generally offered to IT Enterprise from our product suite.

  1. Two Factor Authentication
  2. Global SMS Intersect
  3. Enterprise A2p alerts


The retail industry is highly competitive and encounters significant challenges and with incredible amount of date from growing number of consumer touch points, complexity in understanding the buying behaviour through a manual method, increasing competition, and rapidly shifting consumer preferences pose serious challenges to retail companies. To stay ahead of competition, you need to provide a compelling customer experience across your stores, deliver quality customer engagement and services which can result in profitable growth. These call for new ways of analysing real-time information management.

Our Visual Customer Intelligence solution for retail industry - LightHaus uses video from in-store cameras to automatically measure customer traffic and customer browsing behaviour. Store data is combined with point-of-sale (POS) and labor scheduling data to provide conversion rates and staff-to-conversion rate comparisons. With this continuous reliable data, store and corporate staff can quickly take action and see the impacts of staffing levels, marketing campaigns, in-store promotions and store layouts, on store performance. This lets retailers rapidly identify actions that improve performance and drive sales.


Zen Interactive provides solutions that enable healthcare operations to streamline staff communication and improve operational workflows. Our portfolio of solutions allows members and groups to communicate instantly and effortlessly via text. Our priority delivery for time critical process improves process and workflow to enable faster, simpler, and more effective communication that helps save time.

Zen Interactive Messaging suite is a secure enterprise messaging and alerting solution that provides users robust, reliable delivery of text alerts. Users can receive and send messages, send text through a web-based console, or through integrated third-party CRM systems. Our Messaging platform includes contact management, template managements, bulk notification system and scheduled delivery.

Following products are offered to Healthcare clients from our product suite.

  1. Global SMS Intersect
  2. Enterprise A2P alerts


A cloud based web application which helps you to plan and manage all of your missions in a simple and efficient manner while ensuring the safety of your drivers, workers and fleet. Access the portal anyplace, anytime via the internet.

Planning and carrying out road transport missions safely is not only crucial but also requires a thorough understanding & strict adherence to safety rules established by an organisation. The challenge is to coordinate and monitor each step in this process so that missions are managed competently from beginning to end.

Access - Easy access to information as the data is available on cloud hosted application and customized access control is also available for different staff enabling access to specific information through simple internet access.

Integration - Seamless integration into legacy CRM and other application is also available via customized API’s for your transportation management system.

We offer following products to transport companies.

  1. Global SMS Intersect
  2. Enterprise A2P alerts


Banks, other financial institutions and corporates need to exchange payment and security information in a safe and a secure way. A SMS-based one-time password is a form of two-factor authentication. OTPs make it difficult to gain unauthorized access to restricted resources, like bank accounts or a database with sensitive information. Static usernames and passwords can be accessed easily by an unauthorized intruder and by constantly altering the password, as is done with a sms token, this risk can be reduced.

Our suite of financial messaging solutions provides a range of products and services is well-placed to provide high-quality services to financial institutions and corporates, helping them to reduce costs. Delivering OTPs through text messaging is a mass market way of preventing phishing and pharming attacks. We provide real-time information to financial institutes dealing with thousands or even millions of transactions every day. Our cloud hosted financial messaging solutions can handle anything from one to several million transaction messages daily, all with the same high level of reliable delivery.

Following products are generally offered to Banking Enterprise from our product suite.

  1. Two Factor Authentication
  2. OTP Passwords
  3. Enterprise A2P alerts
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