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In today's demanding business environment performance and competitive advantage depends on knowing how to capitalize on IT to achieve desired results such as flexibility, speed, and efficiency. A robust IT strategy is critical for companies. And we enable our clients achieve these qualities in their IT strategy by providing them with end to end IT services from initial concept to end solution deployment. Our deep knowledge of fundamentals and experience in delivering superior business solutions so that our clients can achieve business targets in defined timeframe and quality standards has enabled us to be a full service player.

Turnkey IT Consulting

To meet the challenge of building or restructuring your IT services, you need a consistent partner to help realize your project vision.

We offer a broad range of professional turnkey IT solutions and support businesses to develop their full IT potential. This enables them to work more efficiently and effectively. Our team of specialist IT consultants have in-depth experience of implementing following services such as IT consulting services, IT outsourcing, Technical support, Network consulting, IT security and Process optimization across a wide variety of industries.

We know that we are responsible for all stages of project realization, so while developing and implementing turnkey IT infrastructure, we execute all types of work, from selecting a data center, to connecting a LAN cable to your laptops. All work is performed within a single project, and when finished, a customer gets a complete and full-functioning IT infrastructure.

We work to achieve the following objectives for our clients:

Infrastructure & Telecom

Structured cabling provides the critical backbone of a communication system ensuring optimal performance from your network. From voice to video, LANs to IP, professional and skilled structured cabling are essential to keep your network modern, provide a platform for growth and keep your network running.

Zen Interactive has been providing structured cabling installation as part of our suite of network cabling installation services since 2009. With our expertise and experience, Zen provides its customers with the commitment that the telecommunications infrastructure will be designed and constructed allowing you to support mission critical systems and being able to quickly and cost-efficiently adapt to emerging technologies are critical functions of our well-built IT network infrastructure

Our consultant’s work closely with our clients to analyse and develops a project plan to re-design and enhance their current network and deliver a quality solution. Our team of experts will work with you to discuss not only timelines and costs but capabilities and expected outcomes of your network solutions. We consistently deliver our projects on time and on budget and will follow up to make sure our solutions live up to the expectations set ahead of time.

Network Design and Consulting

Structured Cabling Installation

All these capabilities are backed with well trained, customer-oriented employees and together this delivers quicker resolution time for our client’s queries and giving your organization an additional competitive edge.

IT Distribution & Resale

Zen Interactive partners with Value-Added Distributors (VADs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and Value-Added Consultants (VACs) who resell our products and provide customized solutions across global markets. We seek partnerships with professional services organizations that can benefit from including our product suite in their services offerings

Zen Interactive is a reseller of various top quality products such as anti-virus, IP cameras, biometric systems, memory hardware & storage products and access control system. We partner with following companies.

Authorized reseller for

  • Crucial
  • balisticx
  • myPbx
  • 3CX
  • Symantec
  • SpectorSoft
  • eSSL
  • Lex Systems
  • Mobile Cam Viewer
  • ManageEngine
  • Smart Power
  • Spectech

Near Field Communication

Zen IT supplies NFC Tags, Readers and Applications worldwide. In addition services such as Smart Poster design and bespoke solutions which require tag encoding are also provided.

Zen Interactive utilizes the latest NFC technology to produce turnkey marketing solutions and deliver rich media content straight to a consumers’ mobile device in a low-friction easy-to-use manner. We also provide platforms such as infrastructure equipment and mobile devices required by companies to deploy new NFC applications, aligned with the new ramping up in the contactless smartphone market.

Video Analytics

Retailers who focus on measuring and improving conversion can increase sales, and profits, with much lower investment than is required to drive additional traffic into the store. By measuring store traffic and store conversion rate retailers can identify opportunities to drive improvement in overall store performance. By going further, and measuring conversion inside the store—by product, category or location— retailers can understand what is driving the leading or lagging performance and take action.

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