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Messaging Industry

The mobile industry is changing at an unprecedented pace with text messaging services as the key revenue drivers for operator. Text (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS) continue to grow at double-digit rates. To support these increasing volumes, service providers need to ensure that their messaging systems have high capacity, are cost efficient, can scale to meet future needs and ensure robust delivery even under the most extreme peak demands.

Messaging Platform Portfolio

In a highly competitive environment, to fully capitalise on the potential of third-party messaging applications and value-added services, service providers need to support secure quick to market application-related messaging services. Our messaging services with supplier management, traffic control and management of application services across multiple delivery channels to reduce time-to-market and increase efficiency allows our partners to deliver innovative services to their customers. We provide messaging services from our carrier grade cloud hosted platform, addressing our current and future messaging requirement while allowing a flexible and cost-effective evolution path. Zen Messaging Platform provides a robust, high capacity solution that meets today’s traffic demands, while allowing service providers to extend their offerings towards next-generation messaging services. Our Messaging solutions are implemented on top of our core messaging platform to achieve operational efficiency.


Zen’s SMSC is a proven, leading platform designed for high capacity and availability, fully scalable to meet our future demands for SMS P2P and A2P services. We support delivery to more than 800 operators spanning over 200 countries worldwide.

Routing Engine

Zen Routing Engine, intelligently routes traffic to routes and delivers messaging traffic reliably while maintaining quality of services based on performance parameters such as delivery delay, server responsiveness and error rate to decide messages will deliver via which SMSC for our global partners and customers. Routing Engine supports Messaging Personalization and spam prevention features.

Messaging Gateway

Simplified integration of messaging capability with the help of various API’s into applications of service providers and clients. A single connect allows management of all messaging services provided to our partners and clients.

Web Converged Messaging

A web-based extranet is provisioned for easy management and access to services like SMS and HLR in an intuitive web-based application and to view statistics and various usage reports for all outbound/inbound messages.

Our SMS Infrastructure

A carrier-grade SMS platform deployed at tier 3 data center with multiple SMPP links to SMSC’s and SMS Hubs for message delivery. Through our SMS Gateway, We provide high quality messaging based services to SMS aggregators and third party VAS Providers that provision SMS services to mobile subscribers across mobile operators in each country.

Inbound Service - Global Virtual Number

Global Virtual mobile number (also known as long number or long codes) facilitates receiving SMS via in local markets and as users are charged standard local rates or as per their billing plan this type of inbound option is becoming very much popular as end user cost is less unlike sending messages to short-codes.

Virtual Numbers are used mostly to receive SMS into applications which require high uptime and allows users to receive massive amount of text messages to any application. As these numbers are hosted at carrier level, service is very stable and can be used to support critical services.

Enable your application with virtual numbers from 30 countries worldwide and bring real time information in your systems with easy to integrate and quick to deploy global virtual numbers. As these are operator hosted the service is very stable and accepts message from local market only.


  • Quick to Deploy
  • Low start-up cost: single activation for multiple countries
  • Ability to set auto responders combining it with bulk sms
  • Allows full service development and integration support

Missed Call Services

Our missed call service enables companies and service providers to develop and deploy solutions on top of our missed call platform. We can provide dedicated cloud hosted numbers and dedicated sim based numbers that can be used for both missed calls as well as SMS.

As we manage all components of this service including hardware and software, we have the operational visibility and support to ensure high-quality service while taking steps to ensure optimum uptime. We offer variety of Missed call based solutions which can be tailored as per business requirements and these are some ways in which you can respond to your end users.

  • Missed Call to CRM System
  • Missed Call to IVR
  • Missed Call to USSD
  • Missed Call to SMS

SIM Hosting

Our SIM hosting solution enables companies to successfully develop and market products by implementing a more efficient and cost effective approach for inbound sms response/data collection by hosting local mobile numbers on our sim hosting platform in Dubai & India.

Our web application is cloud hosted and provides high uptime as we support clients worldwide provisioning critical services based on our platform. A simple API allows products team to integrate inbound response into any legacy system or CRM tool. SIM Hosting platform is 24X7 monitored via support team and has email alerts enabled for active status of simcards.

HLR Service

HLR or Home Location Register is a central database containing details of each mobile phone subscriber that is authorized to use the GSM core network; Zen provides HLR lookup services to companies and messaging provider who use it for various purposes example routing or scrubbing databases. Determine the home network of a mobile subscriber, or find which country the subscriber is roaming in right and check if a subscriber is reachable or absent.

HLR lookup: Clean-up of database and removing the "inactive" numbers from database knowing that numbers are clean. Routing: Routing and delivering messages based on HLR information and via economic routes to respective networks.

USSD Service

Our USSD Gateway enables service providers to deploy quick to market services for their products. USSD is a secure, instant messaging service to mobile phones across the world. USSD is a technology used by the network to send information (usually text menus) between a mobile phone and an application on the network.

Key Features of USSD Service

  1. Supports up to 182 characters
  2. Session oriented service.
  3. Instant delivery, faster than SMS
  4. Works with roaming
  5. USSD is supported by WAP
  6. Two options: Pull Mode and Push Mode
  7. Supported by 99% of phones


A one-time password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction for account holder. A common technology used for the delivery of OTPs is text messaging and as text messaging has a great potential to reach all consumers with a low total cost to implement.

Zen IT provides OTP services to banking, financial institutes and any ITES service providers looking to deploy OTP services for their clients. OTP sent via a mobile phone offers a familiar, fast way for end users to obtain password or authentication alerts.

Zen’s ability to deliver OTPs in a fast, secure manner using direct SMSC connection and one hop delivery mechanism insures that time critical messages are delivered within 30 seconds.

Two-factor Authentication

Zen Interactive provides two-factor authentication services to ITES companies and making their corporate IT environment safer and more reliable. It helps to handle corporate passwords in a secure way so authentication will only be available to authenticated people. SMS one time password uses information sent in an SMS to the user as part of the login process.

Two factor authentication means that during login the user have to provide two secure information: his password, and a one-time code he receives in SMS to his mobile phone.

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