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Our Company Culture

Zen Interactive is a small company and that means that young professionals joining Zen Interactive have high level of responsibility early and they are actively encouraged to think and act like entrepreneur. That mix of freedom and accountability means our employees can see the effect their efforts are having immediately and each person sees that they are making an impact - and that’s rewarding. So, yes, there is a lot to be happy about when we walk into our office each day with smile on our faces.

As we've moved beyond our initial start-up stages, we strive to keep our small business values as we continue to grow. Following are the four integral aspect of our office culture

Build a foundation of shared beliefs. We don’t believe that all of our employees must think exactly the same way as management does. But by creating a set of shared beliefs, everyone has a framework for how to set priorities, make decisions, treat customers, and treat each other.

Commitment to Employees and Customers: Our team comprises resources that are suited to the jobs they do and policies designed to motivate them to continue working well. We not only take care of our customers, but offer excellent customer service and strive to understand their requirements.

Attitude and Ethics: We believeIt is difficult to motivate team without good attitude and far easier to anger them. So we make sure having a good attitude plays an important role in ensuring our team is able to work well with each-other.

Develop company culture outside business hours. If a company expects employees to love its customers, the company must love its employees. We include a lot activities outside of the office -- in fact, fun is one of our values. For example, one weekend every year, the entire company and their families take a group vacation.

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