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Partnership with Zen Interactive Technologies

Zen Interactive Technologies collaborates with a range of infrastructure and application technology partners globally. Together we deliver value through a broad spectrum of IT solutions and ensure complete support for products from our portfolio.

Our Partner program is a multi-tier program that includes Service providers, System Integrators and Infrastructure Providers globally. The program helps partners use ZenIT platforms to build highly competitive business solutions that lowers end user costs and provides competitive advantage for clients in various sectors.

Our extensive partner network includes:

Technology Partners -

Our ecosystem has multiple third-party technology partners to ensure deep support for various platforms and solutions provided by Zen interactive across various IT disciplines.

Technology Alliances -

We deliver cutting-edge solutions with the help of our technology partners for retail, cloud and virtual environments.

Join our partner program today to enjoy a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with Zen Interactive. Contact us @ partnership@zen.ae
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