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Retail Solution

Best in class retailers are now using video analytics to measure customer buying behavior as conversion varies from week to week, store to store and product to product, therefore sales is not a good KPI for measuring the effectiveness of sales productivity or marketing being able to accurately quantify the effectiveness of store associates at converting shoppers to purchasers.

Retailers who focus on measuring and improving conversion can increase sales, and profits, with much lower investment than is required to drive additional traffic into the store. By measuring store traffic and store conversion rate retailers can identify opportunities to drive improvement in overall store performance.

“By going further and measuring conversion inside the store - by product, category or location - retailers can understand which stores are driving conversions or lacking conversion and take corrective action.”

As we know from our experience, no two retailers are same and we can tailor specific technical proposal as per your needs and requirement.

Kindly get in touch with our sales team for further information–sales@zen.ae
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