Call Masking

For Customers Privacy

Number masking or call masking is the best way for businesses to safeguard their customers identity, and prevent misuse of sensitive information, enabled by anonymization of customer's phone number. This solution allows you to connect two parties without revealing either party's phone number.

Masked telephone numbers can be used in any industry that requires customers to give their personal numbers. Typically, E-commerce, last mile companies and cab aggregators use masked phone numbers to connect delivery personnel/cab drivers to customers without revealing the number of either of the parties.

Connect your marketplace users without exposing their phone numbers

A user places a call from your app

A user on your service calls a local virtual number to hail a ride, book a place to stay, or to purchase an item from a seller in your marketplace.

The other party picks up

Our platform connects the caller with the other party in your marketplace. Neither party sees the other party's personal phone number; they see only the virtual number your application provisioned for the service.

The conversation takes place

With their personal phone numbers masked, the parties talk and possibly come to an agreement for a ride, for goods to be purchased through your marketplace, or whatever it may be

Analyze trends and discover insights

Though the parties can't see each others number, you can. You can generate reports from the console to understand who spoke with whom and when, analyse trends and discover insights that are important to your business. If the call was recorded, it can be transcribed and analyzed for further insights.

Advantages of masked phone numbers

Ensure customer privacy

Your customer's phone number is never revealed during the transaction.

Avoid revenue leakage

Keep conversations between users on your marketplace to avoid off-platform transactions.

Save cost

Call your customers without depleting your employees mobile balance.

Track & Analyse

Track, record and analyse all your customer conversations to gain insights in real-time

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