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Apart from a range of cutting-edge solutions, ZenIT provides an Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions which acts as a cloud based center, smoothening the entire workings of sales and customer support efficiently. It can be set up quickly so as to give you access to remote employees or distributed worker-base as well as get a closer look at analytics, advanced reporting and customer experience features.

Level up your Customer Experience

What makes us an ideal fit for

Inbound Call Center Solutions

Outbound Call Center Solutions

  • Instant go-live, zero installation
  • 50% Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • 40% Improvement in Agent Performance
  • Enabling distributed call centers
  • Seamless integration with CRMs and backed databases
  • Ability to deliver Pure Cloud , Hybrid & Private cloud
  • Let your customers speak to the IVR instead of punching keys.
  • Conduct customer surveys and take customer feedbacks more naturally.
  • Give effortless self service options to your customers.
  • Analyze customer sentiments for every single call.

Is your contact center performing at par?

What should your contact center's Average Time in Queue, Abandonment Rates, Average Wrap Time and other performance metrics be? Our Contact Performance Benchmarking Report lets you compare yourself against 160 million calls made each year on our platform.

Voice Solutions
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