Email to SMS

Effortless Email 2 SMS Integration

Zen Email to SMS gateway lets you send text messages from any email account or application to any number of recipients. Using a virtual mobile number, you can also receive messages in your email inbox and interact with your customers in real-time.

How It Works

Your application sends out a normal email message
The email is received and converted to a text message by us
Your business-critical email will then be delivered as a text message

Benefits of Email to SMS

Improve Your Business Processes with Email to SMS

Send SMS reminders, confirmations, alerts and offers directly from your application.

Appointment Reminders

Remind your clients about appointments and reduce 'no shows'

Booking Confirmations

Confirm bookings made by customers with a quick text message.

Hardware Monitoring Alerts

When a server crashes at 2 a.m., send a text alert to your IT team.

Staff & Team Alerts

Send text alerts whenever you need to alert or notify your team or staff.

Marketing & Promotions

Promote your business and services by sending texts to customers.

Alerts & Notifications

Boost your business by sending alerts & notifications about critical updates.

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