Enterprise SMS Connector

Simple, Secure, Compliant On Premise Databased integrated messaging

When it comes to SMS messaging, we wish to offer you enterprise level control over your business and mobile marketing. Our enterprise SMS connector is a robust product built to work efficiently with any third party system, allowing you to meet you meet all your messaging demands.

Leverage an enterprise grade in-house deployed solution that can consolidate different messaging requirement across multiple departments and locations to a single robust and reliable messaging server allowing better cost management and control.

Benefits of the Enterprise Connector

Seamless Integration

Zen enterprise messaging connector comes with easy to deploy solution. With advanced tools, SMS connector can be quickly integrated within applications and systems your business has in place.

Global Connectivity

You can send and receive text messages globally using our enterprise SMS connector. Our sophisticated solution allows you to enjoy reliable and secure message delivery across the world.

Flexibility and Scalability

We offer a powerful enterprise messaging platform that can be scaled to meet your needs. The flexibility of the platform enables you to meet the evolving mobile marketing requirements and deliver outstanding results.

SMS Solution
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