Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


When the goal is to automate and reduce consumer effort and pave the way for consumer comfort, look no further than Zen Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions. It puts customer information based on past calls and purchase history to good use as this is deployed towards adapting the experience. It is a systematic business communication system which uses sophisticated means to respond to all customer queries.


Let your callers choose

Easily add IVR to your application

Add voice self-service to your existing application to provide a better service and free up your agents to handle higher value interactions.

Gain new insights

Capture call event data and voice recordings to gain new insights into your business.

Your local identity everywhere

Your local identity everywhere

Advertise local or toll free numbers in every country to project a local identity, improving customer engagement.                            

Enable voice self service

Advertise a local number

Your customers call a toll free or local virtual number to reach your business. They can also call back the same number you used to reach them via SMS.

Customers call your business

When they call, your customers are greeted with pre-recorded voice or text-to-speech prompts, including a menu of options they can select by pressing keys on their phone.

Your application adapts

As conditions such as queue length change, the call flow adapts automatically to better service customer needs, based on your application logic.

Voice Solutions
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