SIM Hosting

Professional SIM-Based Hosting Services

In this virtual world, being available for your clients is not a mammoth task anymore. SIM Hosting service is an easy way to receive SMS messages from your clients through a connection to our SMS gateway.

SIM Hosting is one of the most cost effective ways of conducting 2 way messaging campaigns. Our gateways are capable of sending out text messages from your SIM card number. All replies will therefore reach your SIM card and will be forwarded on to you by one of several mechanisms.

The service is straight forward. You simply supply us with your GSM SIM card and we host it for you. Hosting of a SIM card involves installing it in a SIM card slot in one of our GSM modems.

SIM hosting is the best way to ensure that you can use most cost effective solution for dedicated long code that you can create unlimited basic keywords. This allows the end user to have an in-house solution for SMS privacy and security concerns for use there.

SIM Hosting Solutions we Offer

Dedicated SIM Hosting

  1. Local number to text
  2. Meant for lower volume traffic
  3. Enterprise Grade Modem Hardware
  5. Fixed Rental Costing

Virtual SIM (VSIM)

  1. Local number to text
  2. High throughput (50+ SMS/s)
  3. No GSM Modems
  5. Transactional Costing

How It Work


Typical Examples of A2P SMS include

Outbound voice calls
Hosting an IVR on your SIM
Hosting applications
like WhatsApp
Hosting Missed Call
Services on your SIM
Hosting Long Code SMS
service on your SIM
SMS Solution
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