SMS To Call


SMS2Call is a unique, two-pronged offering by ZenIT which can put an end to a lot of your customer-engagement woes. SMS2Call brings to you a spectacular blend of two technologies as a one whole product serving all your concerns.

Typically, SMS2Call is a service where a user sends a message on the specified number and gets a call back as a response. In most cases, these calls can be transactional in nature. A transactional call is a type of a call initiated by the user which contains nothing but information on the requested content.



Calling back the number from which SMS was sent with a pre-recorded voice message.

Call Centre

The user receives a call from a call centre operator to let out personalized information that may not be possible over an automated call.

ZenIT has constructive experience in the meticulous incorporation of SMS2Call offering in a mix of mobile marketing components (SMS, wap, web, email, barcode etc.) to achieve desired results within a campaign or without, thereby meeting customer demands regardless.

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