Snom A100M Corded Wired monaural headset in UAE
Corded Headset

Snom A100M

Key Features

Monaural wideband headset

300° flexible boom

Passive noise cancelling microphone

Super light: 59g (without cable)

Snom A100M Lightweight design Snom A100M HD audio

Flexible all-rounder - mono

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Dubai, UAE.

The Snom A100M is a wired monaural headset with a lightweight and ergonomic design for fatigue-free wearing comfort. Wideband technology ensures high-definition audio quality for crystal clear communication. The high-performance noise-canceling microphone allows for a clean transmission of the voice and the high-quality speaker ensures optimal shielding in areas with increased noise levels.

The flexible headband as well as the various available Quick Release (QR) adapters make the headset not only versatile but also quick and easy to connect to all Snom phones. And due to the extremely lightweight construction, it is super light at 59g and you almost forget that you are wearing a headset.

For long-lasting comfort, the adjustable headband is also padded and is 35 mm long.

For the Snom A100M 4 Quick Release adapters are available:

The Snom 4P4C Quick Release adapter cable with headset connector (Western plug) is included with the Snom A100M headset.

The Snom ACPJ with a 3.5mm jack plug for Snom M-Series devices is optionally available.

The Snom ACPJ25 with a 2.5mm jack plug for Snom MSC series devices is optionally available.

The Snom ACUSB for connection to Snom desk phones with USB port or a PC is optionally available.

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