Snom A170 Wireless DECT VoIP Headset
DECT - Headset

Snom A170

Key Features

Wireless DECT headset

Connection to Snom phone or PC possible (USB)

Passive noise cancelling microphone

Battery replaceable during a call

Snom A170 Wireless headset Snom A170 lightweight

Comfortable headset with 3 wearing options

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Dubai, UAE.

The wireless Snom A170 is a headset for Snom phones that offers the highest quality and a special mobility, because thanks to the DECT radio technology a movement radius of up to 25m is possible.

The lightweight and handy headset has a wideband speaker and a microphone with passive noise cancelling which filters out disturbing ambient noise.

The headset offers three wearing options: Either by headband or neckband or directly on the ear.

It has an integrated EHS functionality. At the touch of a button, the most important functions such as call acceptance, microphone muting or volume can be controlled directly on the headset.

And if the day is full of phone calls, the battery can be changed at any time, even during ongoing calls, which has been charged in the meantime in the base station of the Snom A170. In principle, this makes it possible to make unlimited hands-free calls.

The Snom A170 is compatible with the Snom desk phones of the D7xx and D3xx series and can also be connected to a PC via the integrated USB port of the base station. With a simple push of a button on the base station, you can easily switch between the phone and the PC.

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