Snom A190 M-Series Wireless Multicell DECT Headset
DECT - Headset

Snom A190

Key Features

HD audio

Compatible to DECT M-series

Indoor range up to 50m and outdoor range up to 300m

LED status indicator

Call control

Snom A190 Wifi Snom A190 lightweight headset Snom A190 call control

Freedom of movement without interruptions

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Africa.

The Snom A190 is a lightweight and extremely flexible DECT headset that, like all handsets in the Snom M-Series, can be used in both single and multi-cell mode and also offers perfect audio quality. With an indoor range of up to 50m and an outdoor range of up to 200m (in clear view), it allows for enormous freedom of movement.

It has an adjustable microphone with integrated noise and echo cancellation as well as an integrated wideband speaker.

The Snom A190 can be used in two different modes.

In paired mode, it is synchronised with an existing M-Series handset. For example, a common phone number can be used and the call can be made via the headset.

In stand-alone mode, the Snom A190 functions as a stand-alone phone

Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and the extremely lightweight construction, the headset weighs just 45g. And this despite the already integrated battery that allows up to 7 hours of talk time.

The Snom A190 can only be operated with a DECT base of the M-series and offers all advantages of the DECT radio technology. As long as you have set up a "multi-cell" with several bases, you can move freely, with the ongoing call simply being transferred from one DECT base station to the next - completely uninterrupted and with the best voice quality. This allows you to move easily between floors or even buildings without worrying about the headset's range.

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