Snom A330D Corded Dual Over-Ear Handsfree Headset Wired Head-band
Corded Headset

Snom A330D Corded Dual Over-Ear Handsfree Headset

Key Features

Full band audio

Remote control with LED display and 5 buttons

3.5mm jack & USB plug

Works with popular communication software platforms

Snom A330D Wired USB

The modern stereo over-ear headset

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Dubai, UAE.

The first fully functional over-ear headset from Snom (Snom A330D) has speakers with full-band audio and a microphone with passive background noise suppression. This means that from now on you can "concentrate fully on the conversation". Because ambient noise is reliably suppressed.

The replaceable ear pad is made of soft imitation leather with memory foam filling. This means it can be used all day without causing unpleasant pressure points.

For long-lasting comfort, the adjustable headband is also padded and is 35 mm long.

The headset can be used via a 3.5 jack plug as well as connected to a Snom IP desk phone or computer via USB. Thus, it can not only be used for telephoning, but it also works with the currently popular communication software platforms.

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