Snom D3 Expansion Module in Dubai, UAE
Expansion module

Snom D3

Key Features

18 freely programmable, colored LED keys


Expandable with up to two additional modules

Power supply via telephone using USB connection

Snom D3 Plug & Play Snom D3 Expansion module connectable Snom D3 Self-labeling keys Snom D3 USB Port

The extension module for the Snom D3xx series

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Africa.

The Snom D3 is the optimal expansion module for the Snom D3xx series desk phones with USB connection.

The expansion module allows users who make a lot of calls greater flexibility and productivity by providing 18 programmable LED function keys with features such as line hold, speed dial, extension and presence indication.

The Snom D3 with its high-resolution black-and-white display can be easily connected via plug-and-play using a USB cable. Up to three extension modules can be connected in series to expand the range of functions enormously. This provides up to 54 additional function keys.


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