Snom D335 IP Deskphone in Dubai, UAE
Desk phone

Snom D335

Key Features

High resolution 2.7 inch TFT display

Sensor-based user interface

32 freely programmable function keys (8 physical)

USB port

Headset connectable

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Functionality paired with a proximity sensor

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Dubai, UAE.

The Snom D335 is the little brother of the Snom D385, our flagship of the D3xx series. It has a high-resolution TFT colour display which is surrounded by 8 physical, freely programmable function keys. In addition, thanks to the integrated DSP processor, it offers the familiar HD sound for telephone calls.

The real highlight of the device, however, is the integrated smart proximity sensor, which can be used to control the user interface of the phone. When the user's hand approaches the display or the function keys of the phone, the display automatically switches and shows all relevant information about the key assignment. This allows even more information to be shown on the display without sacrificing clarity.

The Snom D335 offers many more features. An integrated Gigabit switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality*, a USB port to connect various additional devices (Snom USB stick or the Snom D3 ) and much more.

*The network input (labelled NET) can be connected via PoE. Receive power for the phone via the connected network cable.

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