Snom M5 DECT Repeater in dubai. UAE
DECT -Repeater

Snom M5

Key Features

Compatible with multi-cell and single-cell base operation

Extended range without network connection

Up to 5 simultaneous calls

Wideband audio quality

Snom M5 wifi Snom M5 ota

Extend the range of your DECT base / multicell.

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Africa.

The Snom M5DECT Repeater is ideally suited to extend the range of almost (except the M400) any Snom DECT base (M300, M700 & M900), regardless of whether they are running in multi-cell mode or as a single base,

This also increases the transmitting and receiving ranges of the Snom DECT handsets. All that is required for use is a power outlet within radio range of the base or the nearest repeater, a chain. You can connect up to three repeaters in series to one base.

The Snom M5 repeater cannot establish a connection between two bases of a multicell, so it cannot serve as a bridge.

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