Snom M58 Wireless DECT Desk Phone in dubai, UAE
DECT -Handset

Snom M58

Key Features

Large 5" color display

Support Shared Call Emulation (SCE)

8 programmable LED function keys

Wireless software updates for handsets (OTA)

Belt clip

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World innovation: the first DECT desk phone!

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Dubai, UAE.

The Snom M58is perfect for office workstations without additional VoIP cabling.

With the large 5″ color display, integrated shared call emulation function and the new design, the user has a full-fledged desk phone at his disposal.

All settings are done centrally via zero-touch provisioning, and the software is updated wirelessly as needed.
On 8 triple-assignable LED keys, Snom's own system function emulation can be programmed in addition to standard functions.
On a Snom M500, up to 16 calls can be distributed, held and monitored system-wide without any programming knowledge and independent of the VoIP provider. The M58 impresses with its design based on the D8xx series with large color display and antibacterial housing.
In addition to wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets are also supported..

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