Snom M85 cordless DECT industrial handset in Dubai
DECT - Handset

Snom M85

Key Features

Bluetooth for headsets

Many alarm functions

IP65 protected class - shockproof, waterproof, dustproof

Rugged design

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The particularly robust handset with numerous alarm triggers.

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Africa.

The cordless DECT handset Snom M85 was specially developed for use in working environments with potential danger. Various alarm functions are used for safety or for alerting in critical situations. These alarms are triggered both manually, e.g. by pressing the alarm key, and, sensor-supported, automatically.

Programmable "push button alarm" via alarm button: The Snom M85 has a freely programmable alarm button. Depending on the programming, pressing this button can send a message (messages are sent and received via compatible alarm servers) or an automatic call for help to any phone number.

The Snom M85 has a silent and position alarm thanks to its integrated position sensors. If the device registers prolonged immobility in a lying position, or an unusual position of the person, an emergency message is sent, depending on the programming of the device, in order to be able to help an unconscious employee, for example.

In addition to the sensor technology, the Snom M85 also has an optional wrist strap attached to the phone which, should it be torn off the phone ("pull cord alarm"), also triggers an automatic alarm or call for help.

The IP65 rating, which protects the phones from water and dust, makes them particularly useful for special areas in industry or on construction sites.

The Snom M85 has Bluetooth and can also be connected to wireless or corded headsets via a 3.5mm jack connector.

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