Snom M900 Outdoor is Waterproof, shockproof and temperature resistant Multicell in UAE
DECT - Base

Snom M900 - Wireless Outdoor

Key Features

Multi-cell with up to 1,000 bases in a cluster

Up to 4,000 handsets in a cluster

Wireless software updates for handsets (OTA)

TLS encryption

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The outdoor DECT base for all weather conditions

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

With the Snom M900 Outdoor base, Snom enables professional and modern multi-cell DECT technology outdoors. The base is certified according to IP55 and thus insensitive to dust and splash, rain water.

Protected by a durable housing reliably in any weather, the Snom M900 Outdoor is versatile, whether in office buildings, warehouses or hospitals. But also in industry, powerful multi-cell solutions are needed to reliably supply large, free-standing areas with DECT.

Furthermore, the housing offers space to accommodate additional devices, such as a heater (not included). In addition, the electronic components of the base station have been made resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture and foreign bodies with a special coating.
Technically, the base is identical to the Snom M900. Thanks to the DECT Manager function integrated in each Snom M900 and state-of-the-art multi-cell technology, individual installations can include up to 1,000 bases and up to 4,000 handsets.
The handy, white base offers not only a completely new design, but also a wide range of functions. In addition to an integrated DECT manager, the Snom M900 also offers DECT and LAN synchronization. The integrated DECT manager manages all bases in an installation and ensures constant availability as well as the so-called "Seamless Handover" i.e. that calls are seamlessly transferred between the individual bases - even across floors or buildings.

With its integrated TLS encryption, the base sets standards in terms of encryption, because security is naturally a top priority, especially in day-to-day business communications.

Device maintenance can also be easily performed via the Snom M900's Web UI. Each base can wirelessly send software updates (OTA) as well as other configuration information to the connected handsets, thus massively easing the workload for the IT department.

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