Snom PA1+ Public Addressing System in Dubai Zenit Snom Authorized Distributor Dubai, UAE
Announcement system

Snom PA1+

Key Features

Announcements via Snom phone

6,5 Watt power

Wall mounting possible

HD audio

Snom PA1+ tele director Snom PA1+ gigabit Snom PA1+ ipv6 & ipv4 Snom PA1+ poe Snom PA1+ security Snom PA1+ hd-audio

The extra versatile announcement and public announcement system

Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Dubai, UAE.

The Snom PA1+ is Snom's proven SIP announcement and public address system that has a few additional "tricks" up its sleeve.

The integrated 6.5-watt high-performance amplifier can already provide large rooms with HD audio announcements or background music on a 600-ohm loudspeaker system; more power can be achieved by connecting a PA system.

The Snom PA1+ is not only controllable from any Snom telephone or a central source, thanks to the supplied cable harnesses together with the freely configurable relay contacts that can be controlled via SIP or DTMF, a variety of devices can be activated by a current pulse, e.g. a garage door or an electric door latch. Security plays an increasingly important role, which is why the Snom PA1+ uses the ultimate standards, such as SHA2.

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