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Zen IT is the first Official Distribution Partner for Snom in Dubai, UAE. A telephone headset performs the functions of a telephone handset, but it's worn on your head rather than held in your hand. If your customers are on a call for a long time, or they need their hands free for other tasks while speaking, a headset is a good way to enhance their productivity and comfort.

Snom A330D Corded Dual Over-Ear Handsfree Headset Wired Head-band
Snom A330D

The first fully functional over-ear headset from Snom (Snom A330D) has speakers

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Snom A330M Corded Mono Over-Ear Handsfree Headset Wired Head-band
Snom A330M

Full-band audio and a microphone with passive background noise suppression

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Snom A190 M-Series Wireless Multicell DECT Headset
Snom A190

The Snom A190 is a lightweight and extremely flexible DECT headset

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Snom A170 Wireless DECT VoIP Headset
Snom A170

The wireless Snom A170 is a headset for Snom phones that offers the highest quality

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Snom A150 Wireless Over-the-Ear DECT Headset
Snom A150

The Snom A150 is one of the smallest and lightest DECT headsets in its class

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Snom A100D Passive Noise Cancelling Headset
Snom A100D

The Snom A100D is a wired binaural headset with a lightweight and ergonomic design

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Snom A100M Corded Wired monaural headset
Snom A100M

The Snom A100M is a wired monaural headset with a lightweight and ergonomic design

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